About Us

The People at Guru Real Estate Marketing

We are a motivated team with many years’ experience in both the Property Market and in Search Engine Optimization.  A Hungarian-British Company located in Budapest, we deliver our services to the best of our abilities and ensure that you get the measurable results that you need.

Why realtors choose us?

We deliver…
Premium SEO Solutions for Realtors within the USA.

We do this…

With Lower Fees.

How do we do it?
Budapest is a dynamic center of excellence in information technology.  Due to the highly-educated workforce, which costs less to employ than many alternatives, hundreds of multinational companies choose Budapest as a base.

Here at Guru SEO, we offer you exactly the same: a high-quality SEO services, for lower prices.

No matter where you live, we look forward to helping you.

Our Team


Ferenc Kárai

Key skills: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, SEO analysis and planning.

Ferenc has a proven track record of achieving great results for our real estate agents.  When he’s not in the office, Ferenc relaxes in Budapest’s thermal spas and enjoys movies and travelling.  But life is usually about work and family.

“I love a fine cup of coffee and being with my wife and daughter.”


darrenDarren Brown

Key skills:  Off-page SEO, SEO analysis and Content.

Originally from Britain, Darren has worked for many years in Real Estate, Education and SEO.  He has a deep affection for the USA where he worked as a lifeguard.  Away from work, Darren enjoys reading, playing in a band, cooking for family and friends and taking care of his dog.

“I’m fortunate to love my job, and I do it with determination, sincerity and kindness.”

Andrea Kovarszki

Key skills: Content, Social Media.

Andrea has worked in real estate development and in cultural heritage for over a decade.  She writes about urban planning for Hungary’s most popular online portal.  She’s also a founder of an online women’s magazine for the over 40s.  Andrea is a busy mom, but in her free time, she goes swimming and running, and if possible, she loves taking in a movie, a theatrical performance or an exhibition.

“I enjoy interesting and challenging work, but most of all, I like connecting and helping people.”


Szilvia Kárai

Key skills: Content

Szilvia has always worked in the creative sector, and we are happy that she is one of our creative content writers.  A mother of two grown-up children, Szilvia has a passion for the arts, especially theatre, galleries and exhibitions.  She also enjoys being with her dog and travelling.

“Quality content writing is not just about giving helpful information for the people who are genuinely searching for it, but also about bringing clients and customers together.”