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Authority Link Building for the Real Estate Sector

Link Building Specifically Designed for Your Agency

It’s imperative in Real Estate SEO, to embrace the fact that each agency is different.  This genuinely matters, because how we decide to optimize your agency’s online performance, depends very much on what kind of agency you are and all the other variable niche elements connected to you, your potential purchasers and the market in which you are competing.  As such, your business has to be analyzed and understood, before any SEO strategies can be developed. 

With Real Estate Link Building, the same ethos applies:

The link building campaign that will be truly effective, is the one that has been tailor-made for your individual agency.

Link Building

Quantity and Quality in Link Building

In the past many SEO professionals held the opinion that the more backlinks your website has, the higher in search engine ranking your website will go.  However, link quality now plays a very important part in how a page is ranked.  We believe that using high-quality, ‘authority’ backlinks is the most important element in a link building campaign.  But what do we mean by ‘authority’?

An ‘authority’ link would be one that has come from a trusted source with a healthy amount of visitors to its website.  For example, a backlink from a globally-respected, property magazine.  Such a magazine may have spent decades in establishing its reputation, and it will guard this reputation carefully with editorial standards.  Unsurprisingly, getting a published article and backlink from such a site, might not be easy.  However, as the site’s traffic volume and search engine ranking are high, and if its business relevance to your individual agency is also high, then it is going to be worth it.

Now compare that well-respected property magazine with a backlink from a personally-owned blog that has been running for a couple of months and which has low traffic and no editorial standards.  The blog may have the word ‘Real Estate’ blazing away on its homepage, but the hotchpotch of articles and links posted there may be wide-ranging, and even totally unrelated.  Looking at these two cases, you can see why search engines have been developed to value a website’s authority.  In such a scenario, it may be possible for you to get countless links with the blog, but only one authority link with the property magazine.  However, that one authority link’s value, measured by a search engine, will be rated much higher than the countless backlinks from the ‘unknown’ blog.  And that’s even before we start looking at the increased traffic potential.

Authority Link Building for the Real Estate Sector

At Guru Real Estate marketing, we are committed to finding and utilizing the most-relevant and high-value links for your agency.  The process of developing a Link Building Strategy often requires a great deal of analysis and contemplation.  However, within the mix of variables, there are some factors that we must always take into consideration when looking at a potential website from which we would like to build a link:

– How relevant is the website to your agency’s needs?
– Will this website help drive up your agency’s ranking?
– Will it help reach out to your potential purchasers?
– Is the website well-indexed?
– How strongly is the website rated?
– How busy is the website?  The higher the traffic, the better.
– What kind of authority does the website have?
– What other kinds of websites does it link to?
– What are the outbound link opportunities?

A Commitment to Our Shared Success

We have years’ experience in developing successful Real Estate Link Building Campaigns that have brought measurable results.  We look forward to working with you and developing higher levels of prosperity for your agency.


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