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Over 6650+ members have joined Guru Home Visions. Users create virtual tours and real estate flyers to market their listings on and off line with our easy to use virtual tour software and real estate flyer software! 

Start you free virtual tour and real estate flyer software account today and create your first 2 flyers and tours free of charge!!!


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Hi Bruno,

I entered my payment today.  I love the new brochures!  I also noticed the price now has commas.  Nice Job.  I am so impressed with you and your company. You are really listening to your customers.  Your customer service is well above the competition! They can learn a thing or two from your company.  

Being on the beach in Florida, I have long distance customers who ask for additional photos.  I took photos and created a commercial for them.  This is a product I can use for both my listings and also for my buyers.  (can you tell Im so excited?). Im looking at my partnership with Guru Home Visions to set me apart from my competition.  

Im very happy that I found you!

Take Care – Betty King

ps.  In my prior life I was a business analyst designing computer systems for my clients.  As an independent consultant working for a major financial company in Boston, I am familiar with the time it takes for development, testing and productionalizing the product.  I really understand what you have accomplished... and where you are going to go...

Bruno Roldan



If you have ANY questions ANY, I usually go out of my way to answer them. I get hundreds of e-mails a day and literally go through each and every one of them.

I refuse to give you the experience of the corporate world.

This is Guru Real Estate Marketing.

I constantly work on making the Guru Software Brand more accessible. Thus, the “Donation Driven Free Software Initiative”.

Keeping quality Real Estate Software accessible is my Goal.

This is Guru Real Estate Marketing.

I am constantly working to create an on line environment where youre not talking to a wall. An environment where your thoughts ideas and concepts are heard and applied.


My Background


I studied Marketing and International Business at the Asper School of Business.

Curiosity is satisfied at a faster pace than lectures. I found lectures slow and most of the time spent regurgitating text books. During the many hours I spend in the library, I read everything from the beginnings of law with hamurabis code to the development of the insurance industry. I was still trying to find my little place in this world, my passion. Three years into university, I started to find my place.

At the time, I was working as a Real Estate Agent. I was looking for affordable marketing solutions for my business and found it amazingly hard to come across any. Until I stumbled upon the on line world. 

The WWW makes anything and everything possible. My passion quickly became online marketing, technologies over the web and of course Real Estate.

Since then, I have taken HTML, XHTML, PHP and MY SQL courses. I am in no way a programing genius, but knowing their applications and principles has helped me develop better on line products for the real estate industry.

On line Marketing: I have literally read hundreds of books on SEO and SEM. I find it a fascinating subject and continue my studies on a day to day basis. Its amazing how much junk I had to go through in the beginning before I found any coherent, usefull and relevant information.

My first product was, I was charging a modest fee of $149.99 per year to create unlimited virtual tours. This wasnt enough for me. I asked my self; What about an agent just starting? $149.99 may not be a heck of a lot when it comes to virtual tours but for a small business it could definitely be.

I started looking into different business models and came up with the first Donation based on line Real Estate Software for Real Estate Agents world wide.

Are you just starting out and cant afford it? Dont worry, its free and i know you will get me back when your up on your feet and running.

Reciprocity is success.

Life Experience


I had a very fortunate childhood. My father worked for the International Division of a Bank and I spent my childhood traveling the world. I have lived in Mexico, Japan, England and Korea.

My childhood is probably the main reason as to why I like the web so much. The web just makes the world so much smaller, more integrated. I can be in contact with an agent in New Zealand about their business and similary talk to an agent in Nebraska. No restrictions.

My Work Ethic

I am at the computer probably 15 hours a day, yes this seems insane, but my work is my hobby is my passion.

Remember when you were playing for hours on end and would nag your parents for making you go indoors for supper or to sleep?

This is how I feel.


I look forward to working with you and jointly making the Donation Driven Free Software Initiative a Success.


Dont forget to give me a ding. 1.866.668.5237


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