Competitor Analysis

Become informed, visualize opportunities and take the next steps with more confidence.

No matter how well you and your agency are doing, if your competitors are out-performing you in any area, you need to find out why.  The good news is that when it comes to an agency’s online performance, a professional SEO team can tell you:

– how your competitors have achieved their search engine ranking.
– what things your competitors continue to do well.
– what aspects you can replicate and incorporate into your strategy.
– generally, what seems to be most effective in your market.
– the weaknesses in your competitors’ strategy.
– where you currently stand within the market.
– what you’ll need to do to overtake the competition.

Competitor Analysis

The Crucial Information You Need

Keywords: Which ones do your Competitors Use?

If the competition is ranking higher than you in search engines, it’s possible that they are using different keywords in their website content.  If they are, you need to evaluate the strength of these keywords and consider using them too.  (The same applies to any PPC keywords that the competitor might be using: the chances are, if the competitor pays for certain keywords, then they believe that these keywords bring a return on investment.)

Of course, if your competitors are using the exact same keywords as you, you need to figure out why you are ranking lower than they are.  Keyword Density, (the number of times a keyword is used on a page), may have some bearing on the matter, but usually there is not just one reason.  We will look at some other possibilities below, but before we do that, focusing on the positive:

There are other reasons for analyzing your competitors’ use of keywords: if an SEO professional has done a good job for you with keyword research in your market, it is possible that you’ll notice that your competitors have missed an opportunity to focus on some other valuable keywords: bearing in mind that there may be niche elements connected to your location, your services, your property listing and typical client base etc.  This could give you genuine grounds for optimism when implementing a strategy to challenge the competitor.

Competitor’s Website: How effective is it?

If you want to run an online agency, the bedrock of your business is going to be your website.  But amazingly, not all online businesses optimize their websites.  When analyzing your competitor’s website, there are a number of things that you need to know:


– What kind of link building strategy have the competitors been engaging in?
– Are they still actively building links?
– How effective is it?
– Looking at the competitor’s site, can you see link possibilities that you didn’t know about, but now can use?

Website Content and Architecture:

– Overall, is the competitor’s website content of a high standard?
– How much content is there?  (More content of a high-standard helps with ranking.)
– What is the competitor’s most popular content?  (Why do you think it is so popular?  Is there something within this content from which you can learn?  Should you be providing similar content?)
Media: How is the competitor using video and image content?  Does the quality of your media stand up well against it?
– How have the competitor’s utilized Meta Information?  (Is it better than yours?)
Internal Linking: what are your competitor’s trying to achieve with their site architecture?
(Can you build a stronger Internal Linking structure that will improve the effectiveness of your backlinks?)
Outbound Links: do the competitors have any?  If so, where to?  (Outbound links help develop the weight of your content, build contacts within the market and increase an agency’s reputation.)

Traffic by Country:

Understanding where most of the competitor’s traffic comes from, could prove very useful in finding new areas of growth for you and your agency.  This may be especially relevant if you are selling in an area that is popular with foreign visitors.

Finally, how user-friendly is the website?  (Is it easily accessed by cellphone?)
This may all seem obvious, but think about it: as users, we have all given up with websites in which we couldn’t find what we were looking for, as sub-pages didn’t function properly and popup ads were difficult to close.

Summing up, a Real Estate Competitor Analysis is an exercise in establishing exactly where you stand in relation to the rest of the market.  It might highlight your agency’s weakness, but then how can you develop if you don’t know what your weaknesses are?  Overall, it is like bringing a lamp into a goldmine: new opportunities may be visualized, new strategies may be conceived and the way ahead may become much clearer.  Consequently, steps can be taken with more confidence.