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Real Estate Multilingual SEO

Finding more clients and purchasers from around the world may sound challenging, but the potential rewards are obvious.  If you want to consider developing this lucrative area of growth, we have the experience and know-how to help you achieve just that.

The Challenges.
1. Many of your potential clients speak a different language to you.  How can you encourage them to visit your website, when your website doesn’t have any pages that they understand?

2. If that’s not difficult enough, many of your potential clients live in various countries: they don’t just speak one different language, but a number of different languages.

Multilingual SEO Service3. Add to all of this, the understandable fact that:
i. Most people search online for property using words and phrases in their own language.
ii. They get results ONLY in their own language.  (Your search engine ranking might only be ‘healthy’ in one language!)

Yes, that’s right: your website might be ranked highly in ‘English language’ search engines, but it could be nowhere on the horizon for many potential clients who search using a different language.

Remedying the Situation

It may seem a daunting a challenge, but, at Guru Real Estate Marketing, we have successfully helped our clients prosper in exactly these circumstances.  The solution we offer is a multilingual SEO campaign, and the good news is:

Multilingual SEO works.  More than that, from our experience, it works very well.

A case study:

Imagine that you wish to attract purchasers for apartments in a new condominium.  You know from experience that such investments are popular with clients who speak specific languages and live in specific countries.  Clearly, it would be wonderful if, when those people search, (in their own languages), for what you are offering, it is your website, with your condominium, that appears right in front of them.  (And your website does so, ranked as high-as-possible, within their ‘language-specific’ search engine.)  This is what we aim to provide you with, via a Multilingual SEO Campaign.

How do we do it?

The process of getting to grips with this challenge has a number of steps:

Optimizing Your Website for Multilingual Clients

1) Keyword Research in Target Language
This is an absolute necessity for both Optimizing the Website, and the Backlink Campaign.  If you are going to push your website as high as possible in the ‘foreign language’ search engine, you need to know the exact words and phrases that you need to use.
2) Translate Website Content
Armed with keyword knowledge, you need to translate your existing website content and ensure that the keywords are included in the text.
3) Quality Content in Every Language
You may need to create new website content, but whatever the scenario, it’s imperative to remember that:
i.  Badly written content has a number of effects: it disturbs the reader; it may confuse the reader; it may damage the trust between you and a potential client, and ultimately, it may lead the visitor to just give up reading and look for an investment elsewhere.
ii. Be aware of cultural differences.
Write appropriately for the target audience.
iii. Incorporate clear and appropriate images and infographics.
No matter the language, understanding is always made easier with a picture in accompaniment.
iv. Remember the ‘bounce rate’.
Of course, the main aim for you is to turn visitors into clients, but you have an added incentive in getting all of the above points right: well-written content articles that maintain reader interest, and don’t encourage them to ‘click out’ of a website after a few seconds, all help towards building your search engine ranking.  If visitors frequently click onto your site and almost immediately click out of it, your rankings on any given search engine will suffer.

The Multilingual Backlink Campaign

A key part of any integrated SEO process is a backlink campaign: that of building your website’s ranking via numerous articles, blog posts and directories that all link back to your site.  Obviously, in an attempt to really build a business and reach clients who speak different languages, it’s vital to do this with good-quality articles in different languages.  As we said earlier, bear in mind that even if you are ranking highly on ‘English language’ search engines, this doesn’t mean that you will automatically rank highly on ‘German language’ search engines.  The quality that you have invested in building your online presence in English, needs to be mirrored in the other language too.

All of the above requires research, analysis, perseverance and patience.  It requires skilled-input from SEO experts working in different languages, constantly seeking to improve your website’s performance and ranking.  At Guru Real Estate Marketing, we are genuinely a multilingual company: our team members come from different countries.  We also have partners around the world and have successfully implemented Multilingual SEO campaigns.

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