On-page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO ensures that your website performs at an optimal level for both search engines and for visitors.

Why is On-page SEO Important for You and Your Agency?

If you want to increase the number of online visitors, and ultimately revenues, On-page SEO is a fundamental step in the process.  Why?

Synchronizing Your Website with Search Engine Keywords

Whenever a few words are typed into a search engine, the search engine looks for the very-same words on websites.  Fine, but how could this affect you?

Imagine that you are trying to sell a specific property.  However, no matter that someone has just searched for exactly the same kind of property that you have on your listing, if your website content is missing certain ‘keywords’, the search engine will calculate that your website is irrelevant to the search.  That that could mean that this purchaser is directed to other, competing websites.

With that in mind, it’s imperative that you know and use the most important keywords for your agency. (Always bear in mind your location, your property listings, your typical client base, your services and other possible niche elements: often, the keywords for one agency, may be slightly different for another.)

On-page SEO includes ‘Keyword usage analysis and optimization’.

Positive First Impressions Build Trust

90% of all clients, now experience their ‘first impressions’ of an agency by visiting the agency’s website.  Obviously, you wouldn’t want a potential client to physically walk into your office and form a bad ‘first impression’ of your agency.  Looking at the above statistics, it’s vital that you apply the same concern to your website.  Some questions to ask about your website:

– Do you have relevant, unique and high-quality website content?

– Is your website smart-phone/mobile friendly?

– How easy is it to get to your website’s sub-pages and use its functions?

– Are you promoting properties and services with the best images?

Why should a potential client begin to trust you and your agency if your website is difficult to navigate, doesn’t function properly, is presented poorly and is full of out-of-date and uninspiring content?

On-page SEO includes ‘Website Content analysis and optimization’.

On-page SEO also has a technical part that is always performed with it called ‘Technical SEO’.  Technical SEO includes such aspects as ‘Mobile friendliness’.

Helping Search Engines Value Your Website

When you read a page on your website, you may be perfectly happy with the layout, but search engines don’t read the way that humans do.  For the search engine, there may be a number of technical issues with your website that you just don’t see: such seemingly innocuous things as the way in which titles and sub-headings have been used, or the manner in which a link was created or a URL formatted, to name but a few.

On-page SEO and Technical SEO can deal with all of these issues.  See below.

What We Do for You: On-page and Technical SEO process

Typically, a professional On-page and Technical SEO process involves the following tasks:

On-page SEO

Meta title optimization

Meta description optimization

Url optimization

Alt Image tag optimization

H1-6 Tags optimization

Interlinking structure audit and improvement

Website Content analysis and optimization

Keyword usage analysis and optimization

Technical SEO

Indexing and crawlability

robots.txt file

.xml sitemap


Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions

Pages with rel=”canonical”

Mobile friendliness

Pages with multiple canonical URLs

Pages with Frames

Broken links