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90% of all Clients, now experience their ‘first impressions’ of an agency, online.

We all know that any visitor, one who has little knowledge of you and your agency, might walk into your office tomorrow and subconsciously ask themselves:

“Are these people professional and helpful?” 

real estate content writing serviceIf things go well, the answers will be in the positive and the visitor will begin to invest a little trust in you and your team.  Whatever the case, we all recognise this situation, because frequently, we are all first-time clients ourselves.  First impressions have always mattered, haven’t they?

Okay, but there are statistics out there that suggest that over 90% of all real estate clients now experience their ‘first impressions’ online.  Clearly then, with numbers like that, our websites are already answering some of those ‘first impression’ questions for us, and most-certainly, our websites need to be answering them in the positive.  But how?  Besides getting our websites well-designed and user-friendly, another key factor here is the quality of the website content.

Website Content: of course you should promote yourself.

Naturally, if your agency has some excellent services, some fantastic sales people and great results, you’ll want to let any visitors know about these things.  A client needs to know that you have a proven track record and that you take pride in who you are and what you do.  But it’s worth also remembering that website content is:

A communication opportunity not to be wasted.

Website content offers you the chance to speak directly to any visitor, no matter where they live in the world.  As such, it’s an opportunity that should not be wasted.  Obviously, you might decide that the most important thing you need is more self-promotion: a lot will depend on your market and other factors, such as your services, your customer base, your portfolio of properties and your geographical location.  But here at Guru Real Estate SEO, we’ve been providing a website content writing service for many years, and we believe:

If you really want to connect with visitors, within the pages of your website, there should be Content that:

– Reflects your understanding of vendors and purchasers.

– Reflects your understanding of the real estate industry and the local market.

– Offers your visitors genuine insight with relevant and useful information.

– Explains clearly and answers questions, no matter how complicated a topic may be.

– Is original and maintains interest: consider the use of video presentations; using the
best images available; mixing short articles with longer ones.

Finally, you need content that communicates your energy and your willingness to help clients achieve their aims.  It goes without saying that any information that may help a visitor make a decision, should be included.

Content Articles can help build trust between agency and client.

Website content that conforms to the above concepts, will promote your agency and its services, but perhaps just as importantly, it will help build that sense of ‘trust’ between an online visitor and yourself.

Successful Website Marketing
real estate article writing serviceEstablishing a powerful online presence is dependent on a number of factors: a healthy search engine ranking, a constant flow of organically-targeted traffic, and not to mention, of course, the people at the heart of your business: you and your colleagues who do your best to ensure that customer feedback ranks high and positive.  But if it’s the people within your agency that are the heart of your business, then online, your website is the bedrock upon which everything is built, and yes, this does mean that Content Writing has to be of good quality.  The current online way of doing business, and our need to create positive first impressions and build trust, demands nothing less.


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