Real Estate SEO Services

real estate seoIncrease your Sales.
Increase your Leads and Client Listings.
Decrease your Marketing Costs.
Become a Prominent Estate Agent Online.
Become the Agent that Customers Find when they Search for What You Have.
Our Real Estate SEO Services are the perfect solution for the Real Estate Industry

What is Real Estate SEO?

– The current best method in attracting more ‘genuinely interested’ visitors to your website.
– The current best method in generating more clients, more leads and more sales.
How does SEO achieve this?
– By boosting your website’s online presence and ensuring that it appears higher within search engines, such as Google.
– By finding the keywords that ‘eager-to-buy’ customers use in search engines and then actively targeting this group, in order to increase your conversion rates.

Why does SEO work?
– Because, as we all know, the vast majority of online purchases, now start with a few words typed into a search engine.

Why SEO is important for real estate agents.

real estate seoYour company’s website is ‘at the mercy’ of anything that the highly-competitive internet throws at it.  Without taking proactive measures, your online presence may start badly or decline over time.  Your ranking within search engines can fall and prospective clients may struggle to find you.  There are many factors that will ensure that this happens to your agency, but thankfully, Real Estate SEO has solutions to reverse the trend and put your business where you want it: right in front of the clients who are looking for you.

Put simply, creating a finely-tuned Online Agency, is a different proposition to the old days of running an agency on the High Street.  You have to understand and deal with online issues, or fall into decline.

Why guru real estate marketing is the best solution for you.

Our team is committed to delivering the best results for all of our clients.  We aim to provide you with results you can see and measure:
– a higher conversation rate
– a top ranking for specific ‘keywords’ in search engines
– an increase in organically generated traffic to your website
– a cheaper and more long-lasting performance than that provided by ad campaigns

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What’s included in our Real Estate SEO Services?

At Guru Real Estate, our team will:

Analyse your website and its current performance.

Report on the website’s status and fix any issues that may be hindering it.

Analyse competitor websites.  (Why do they rank higher in search engines than you do?)

Take into account your agency’s individual profile: your geographic location, your listings, your typical client base and any niche elements.  (Are there any un-tapped markets for your agency?)

Measure how well your agency connects with ‘eager-to-buy’ search engine users.  (Are there potential purchasers that your website is not reaching?)

Create a strategy to push your website above as many of your competitors as possible.

Keep a close eye on how your website continues to perform, and from this, adapt to any changes that may arise.  Ultimately, once optimized, we aim to maintain the performance of your website and continue to seek an improvement.

Usually, within our services, we will deliver to you:

real estate seo guru– An SEO Audit
– An Analysis of your Competitors
– Keyword Research
– Landing Page Analysis
– A Link Building Campaign.
– On-page/Technical SEO
–  Rank Tracking
– Website Content Development


Short Case Studies in which we delivered top SEO results for our clients in the Real Estate sector:

Thailand Property Agency.
Organic traffic volume became 35 times greater than its original volume.
This multilingual, 3-year SEO activity resulted in first page rankings for 4,000 keywords in Thai, English (US, UK, AU, CA,), French and German.

Vietnam Property Agency.

This multilingual, SEO activity resulted in first page rankings for 120 keywords of the Vietnamese real estate market in English (US, UK, AU, CA,), French and Vietnamese.

Cambodia Property Agency.

This multilingual, SEO activity resulted in first page rankings for 70 keywords of the Cambodian real estate market in English (US, UK, AU, CA,) and French.

UAE Real Estate Agency.
This multilingual, SEO activity resulted in first page rankings for 110 keywords of the UAE real estate market in English (US, UK, AU, CA,) and German.

Hanoi Real Estate Agency.

Approximately 200 links were built, which resulted in 42 first position rankings and 89 first page rankings for the main keywords of the Hanoi real estate market.

Luxembourg Property Rental Agency.
This multilingual, SEO activity resulted in first page rankings for 32 keywords of the property rental market in Luxembourg in English (US, UK, LU) and French.

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