SEO Audit

Why you need a SEO Audit?

SEO AuditImagine that your online business is a racing car. No matter if it’s brand new or a few years old, if you really want to win anything, you need to take it to a team of mechanics for a check-up. From this, they’ll see what works well and what needs to be fixed in order to get it off running better than ever before.

In essence, this is what an SEO Audit is: a check-up and a recommendation of how you can optimize and reboot your online business. But more than this, it also involves an analysis of your competitors’ performance and the online market in which you are doing business.

How do we do this?

We aim to understand the interaction between your website, search engines and your potential clients.

We look at the specifics of your agency, (the niche elements), and how potential clients are using search engines to find the sort of properties and services that you are offering. Obviously, in finding the best solutions for you and your agency, a SEO Audit involves asking a lot crucial questions:

– Does your website content use the same keywords that your potential clients use?
– Are you using the best, most-valuable keywords for your agency?
– What kind of backlinks are feeding into your website? (We need to look at quality, strength, quantity and effectiveness.)
– Has your online strategy, thus far, been effective? Can it be improved?
– How effective is your social media activity?

The competitors’ strategy
With the above questions in mind, we also analyze how your competitors have managed these factors and measure their respective results and marketing strategies.

Link Building Analysis
Armed with the most up-to-date, relevant and valuable keywords for your agency, and with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, an SEO Audit also involves the devising of a Link Building Campaign aimed at overtaking the competition in search engine rankings.

Optimizing your website
Bearing in mind that the bedrock of any online business is your website, it’s imperative to ensure that it too operates at its optimal level. A SEO Audit leads to other questions needed to be answered:

– Does your website enhance your reputation and make it easy for potential clients to use?
i. Is it smartphone-friendly, with useful functions?
ii. Does it have high-quality, relevant content?
iii. Is it easy to navigate with clearly defined sub-pages?
iv. Can the visual aspects be improved?
– Does your website have a healthy interlinking of main page and sub-pages?
– Are you ensuring that your pages, links and keywords are easily and optimally ranked by search engines?
– What is the bounce rate?

Here at Guru Real Estate Marketing, we know that the ultimate aim of our SEO work is to ensure that your agency succeeds and increases its sales figures. We believe that one of our Audits can help you achieve just that.

SEO Audit

Specifically, one of our SEO Audits includes the following:

– On-page and Technical SEO audit
– Backlink audit
– Keyword audit
Competitor analysis
– Content audit
– Social media audit